Blue Horse Bowl in Dark Stoneware 1

Blue Horse Bowl in Dark Stoneware 1


This small bowl is hand-thrown in a dark chocolate brown stoneware. The inside is coated with a white slip and colored with slips. a horse is carved into the inside and outsides of the bowl. The outside is carved with opposing trotting blue horses. The entire bowl is glazed with a clear glaze. This bowl is electric-fired. The glaze used is food-safe. It can be washed in a dishwasher but I recommend hand-washing all hand-made pottery. I have microwaved my pots but exercise caution when microwaving any pottery.

4 5/8" in diameter

2 1/4" high

Holds approximately 9 oz.

Makes a great gift for the animal and horse lover. It can be used for ice cream, cereal, soup or as a decorative object. My marks are stamped on the bottom. Everything tastes better in hand-made pottery!

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS- Please email me if you wish to order my work. International shipping costs can be more than the price of the item itself.

Shipping charges reflect the cost of additional material needed to safely ship ceramic ware to prevent breakage.

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