Baby step beginnings


Baby Hoojie

Well then! Welcome to! It's taken me nearly nine years since I graduated with my degree from Eastern Kentucky University but each year I try to grow my studio a little bit more. First it was space, any space, even a wall against an open garage, then it was the closed space just for me in the garage, then the first kiln, then the bigger kiln, then the tent for outdoor shows... so this year it's my own dedicated domain name. I had bought the domain name several years ago but parked it as I didn't have time to dedicate to fleshing out a website. Unfortunately, I used one of those cheapie registration companies and missed the renewal deadline and wouldn't you know it, some a**hole bought out from under me and I could buy it back for a fee. Damn! So I let it go and focused on other areas to grow my studio. A year later I checked and lo and behold, the hostage company let the name registration lapse and I snatched it up again, this time registering with my home hosting company as they give me timely reminders for renewal. A couple of dollars more than the cheap registration company but peace of mind and ownership of "" is worth it. 

AND... this new site hosted through SquareSpace has shop integration so I can list and sell pots, art and jewelry directly to you instead of Etsy. I will be keeping my Etsy shop for now as much of my traffic still goes through there. However, over time, I hope to drive traffic directly here to make it simpler for people to find my work. This platform also has better social media integration for my needs and I appreciate being able to keep the focus on Tea Horse Studio and not have additional branding distractions.

So join me here as I stumble through building this new site for shop announcements, sales, odd observations about art and clay, studio frustrations, and other THS news!  

Humble beginnings.

Humble beginnings.