Scarcity online means I have much to tell.


First, I am now a member of the Kentucky Guild for Artists and Craftsmen so HOO-RAH for me! Getting membership into the Guild was one of my things on my "To-do" list this year. It affords me more opportunities like entrance into the Fall Fair show at Old Indian Fort Theatre in Berea  which checks off another "To-do" list item: Add an outdoor show to my schedule.


Turns out, I'm also going to be appearing at Francisco's Farm in Midway this Spring on May 19 & 20 so if you're in the area come visit. The Fall Fair in Berea happens October 13 & 14 in 2018. My Open Studio Sale will be October 27th this year. And the studio is open to visitors April, May, June and September on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10-3pm but shoot me an email ahead of time and make sure I'm in one piece.