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Overcome Obstacles

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Contingency – NOUN
  1. A future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.

When I began 2018, I invested in a new attitude, a new set of goals, a new domain name, a new website and online shop. From those new investments, I set out on a new path for the studio with a modicum of confidence. YAY ME!

Silly me.

It's been a crazy first-half-into-the-second-half of year. I've been to the doctor more than I intended. Each time, it's set me back in the studio so my vague timeline of getting work done, testing clays and glazes has taken double if not triple the amount of time I had planned for. First crazy was the nerve issue in my right hip and thigh that doubled me over unable to walk or stand straight for 2-3 weeks. After an x-ray and three months of PT, no one knows what caused it and I'm walking like nothing ever happened. Worst pain I've ever encountered in my life so far. Because?? WE WILL NEVER KNOW.

Second crazy was the cutting-the-tip-of-my-pinky-off incident. Last slice of the onion set to go on the grill for lunch and OH MY GOD. And I turned over the knife. Yup. That's the tip of my finger. Off to Urgent Care we went with the top of my fingerprint. They sewed it back on like a spider on the end of my finger. Another 1-2 weeks without working. 

Third crazy has been an actual scheduled surgery to have a "vascular deformation" removed from the front of my lip. It appeared as a red mark on the top of my lip last year and a dermatologist looked at it, froze the top layer, declared it cosmetic and was done with me. Since then, however, it began to get larger. Fortunately, it was in a place on my upper lip that disguised it somewhat but since it was getting larger, my doctor sent me to a plastic surgeon to have it removed as it was beginning to become noticeable on the underside of my lip when I ate or did anything, really. So now I have 6-8 stitches on my upper lip and I look like a botox girl.

I wish to be done with doctors for the remainder of the year. Mine and anyone else's.

In between the clay work in my down time, I thought, "I know! I'll work on the computer and get to work on the website and shop!"

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Seriously, I don't know what kind of drugs I'm taking when I think things like that because it's pure fantasy. For want of a horseshoe nail... The computer has issues. So back up. I need a back up. Buy a back up. It needs software. Buy software. Run back up. Start website. Slow. Why? Don't know. Hosting company has issues. They fix them. Write blog. Entire file is gone. Why? Don't know. Start again. Slow. Why? Internet connection. Why? Don't know. Get frustrated. Other software out of date. Buy new software. Start again. And so on. 

Have I mentioned how hot and humid it's been here in Estill County? 

Anyway. The website is finally working. I think I've figured things out. Listings are up and functional. I'm slow. But I'm persistent. Eventually, I will migrate the entire shop here to TeaHorseStudio.com It may take me a year or so but it'll happen!

Email me at info@teahorsestudio.com if you hit a glitch.